Axkid & Cosatto Collaboration

When we heard that Axkid were teaming up with Cosatto, we did think it was an unlikely combination of manufacturers. Axkid are known and renowned for their extended rear-facing and Swedish Plus Tested Car Seats. Cosatto were more recognised for fabric design and fashionable colours, than in the world of rear-facing car seats.

But, when you combine the two, they’ve ended up with funky and fun, but extremely safe car seats. The collaboration was publicly announced in early 2024 with a view to launch in the Spring. It is initially a limited agreement and exclusively on the Axkid One 2 and the Minikid 4. The One 2 launched in two colours: Midnight Jungle and Foxford Hall. The Minikid 4 launches in Unicorn Garden and Dragon Kingdom.

At Little Peas, we had never considered stocking the previous Cosatto car seat range, but when we saw this collaboration, we instantly got on the phone spoke to Cosatto about becoming a stockist. They were delighted to hear from us, but had anticipated and hoped that we’d be in touch, what with us being one of the leaders in the extended rear-facing car seat arena.

We knew that there would be much demand for the colours, as Cosatto’s designs are always spot on and on-trend – we also knew that Cosatto will only work with retailers that have a ‘bricks and mortar’ physical presence in the industry. They were delighted to work with us on this, and also us with them. We knew that we could also add that point of difference on the extended rear-facing car seat forums, where there’s a huge audience for these seats. We’re the only retailer in these arena’s that has their own forum, and is able to offer this product to the market via that form of media too.

As one of the longest-serving ERF specialists, with a physical store and unbeaten reputation, as well as the ability to talk with you through a car seat forum, you really have the best of both worlds. You know where we are, how to contact us and that you could just simply walk into our store if you wanted to talk with us, 7 days a week.

The Cosatto car seats are available in many retailers that don’t have Axkid accounts, knowledge, training and access to the Axkid team – but we do, and we’ve therefore created a place that you can therefore buy these with confidence!

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Cosatto x Axkid One 2 Foxford Hall at Little Peas

Cosatto x Axkid One 2 Car Seat – Foxford Hall


Cosatto x Axkid Minikid 4 Unicorn Garden at Little Peas

Cosatto x Axkid Minikid 4 Car Seat – Unicorn Garden


Cosatto x Axkid Minikid 4 Dragon Kingdom at Little Peas

Cosatto x Axkid Minikid 4 Car Seat – Dragon Kingdom


Cosatto x Axkid One 2 Midnight Jungle at Little Peas

Cosatto x Axkid One 2 Car Seat – Midnight Jungle


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