Axkid Minikid 4

Introducing the Axkid Minikid 4

The Axkid Minikid 4 is the latest Extended Rear Facing child car seat from Axkid, and supersedes the Minikid 3. The Minikid 4 is a seat that’s suitable from around 9 months until approximately 6-7 years old (61cm to 125cm). The seat is not only tested to the latest regulation, R129, but also has passed the Swedish Plus Test; a voluntary test, where the seat travels at a faster speed than regulation, with a greater force applied in stopping/breaking, created by making it a shorter stopping (crashing) distance than in the regulation test. The Plus Test is also the only crash test that measures and limits the force applied directly to the child’s neck during the crash test.

Axkid Minikid 4 Introduction Video from Alan at Little Peas

The Minikid 4, like its predecessor, the Minikid 3 is tested to a maximum child weight of 36kg and a total height of 125cm – the back length of the seat though is one of (if not) the longest in this category of seat, so will accommodate any child, even with extremely long torso.

The Axkid Minikid 4 is a rear facing only seat, and attaches to the car via the cars seatbelt – the seatbelt travels in the zone under the child’s legs through a dedicated belt route in the Minikid, and via tether straps at the rear of the seat. These typically attach to the runners of the front seat. (The tethers are essentially a form of seatbelt attach the back of the Minikid 4, and secure to the car – they’ll normally wrap around the runners that the front seat can slide back and forth on when adjusting the front driver/passengers legroom).

There’s no fixed position of the Minikid 4, and the child’s legroom can vary, by increasing the available seatbelt under the child’s legs, and shortening the tether length (or vice versa), within the scope of the seat and availability of space in the car.

The Minikid 4 keeps the Axkid unique headrest technology, that adjusts to your little one each time you fit them in the seat, and keeps the self-ratcheting (tightening) tethers, that are built into the seat itself.

The changes from the Minikid 3 are as follows:

A re-shaping of the headrest, to allow an improved fitting for all children. The fabrics have changed to a softer feel, and there’s an additional fabric section that travels down the child’s back from the headrest to improve comfort further. The internal material within the removable insert cushion has also been amended. The Minikid 4 is available in 4 colours – Tar (black), Granite (dark grey), Tile (burgundy) and Brick (beige).

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