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Why Buy Your Car Seat from Little Peas

When you buy your car seat from Little Peas, you can rest assured that you are buying from one of the most committed and knowledgeable independent retailers in the UK. We’ve been trading now for 15 years, and, being one of the first UK retailers to understand, endorse and embrace Extended Rear Facing Car Seats, we are clear in our minds that safety is our priority.

Our early commitment to the market really allowed us to build special and strong relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers, both here in the UK, and also to form bonds with their head offices. Brands such as Axkid, Avionaut, BeSafe, Britax, Cybex, Joie, nuna and Silver Cross.

We’ve luckily built a wealth of contacts too that we can call on, should we need further information or technical detail to help you. It’s not unusual for one of us to be off visiting a Supplier, in Scandinavia or Germany, where we have the opportunity to talk with designers or explore the latest or future developments. Our entire team also receives training from our suppliers on a regular basis.

Our commitment to learning and understanding what the customer needs, as well as our dedication to aftercare, has earned us hundreds of 5-star reviews, across, Google and Facebook. You’ll find that our shop floor in Dunfermline or our customer care technique doesn’t feel ‘salesy’, and we will always act in that way when you’re looking for your car seat solution – often, you’ll not need a new seat, or your little one isn’t ready to move on. If that’s the case, that’s what we’ll tell you. We guarantee you that we’ll give you the right answer, rather than just try to gain a sale.

We are one of the few independent car seat specialists that have a physical store. If you’ve a problem, or just need help, you know where we are and how to find us. In-store, we have trained car seat experts who can help you on your journey, with advice, pre-sale and also for aftercare. We are here and available for anyone who buys from us online too, and are more than happy to take, or schedule a call for installation advice or difficulties, or to provide a video for any specific challenge you may experience. We also can arrange video calls too, if you feel that would benefit you more. Much of our business comes this way, via referrals and recommendations, so we are very used to, and happy to help you, with a tailored approach to each situation or scenario.

As with most retailers in this industry, we’re an independent and have no ties or financial commitments to anyone, so you’ll know that the information you’re given, or seats you’re given the choice of are entirely based on what we think are; the best products, and what’s right for you.

If you’re looking to buy a car seat, we believe that there is no specialist that is more experienced than ourselves, or that any are able to provide as full of a service, during or after your purchase. We don’t typically ever get beaten on price, but are always happy to look at a price match request too if you do choose that you want to buy from Little Peas.

In summary, Little Peas are known as one of the most committed and knowledgeable independent retailers in the UK, we are committed to helping our customers find the safest and most fitting product for each customer, we never force a sale or seat on anyone. We guarantee expert car seat advice, and the very best customer experience, online, or in-store, and before, and after every car seat purchase.

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At Little Peas we want to make sure that buying your first pram, pushchair, car seat or even just baby products is made as easy as possible.

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