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How long does it take for a pram to come in?

Not too long! Typically just a few days from the point that we order it (as long as it’s in stock with the supplier), although we do keep a high stock holding of most of our most popular lines, so potentially straight away, if required.

How old do children need to stay in a car seat?

It depends on the seat, but children should be in a car seat right through until they are either 135cm tall, or 12 years old.

What’s an extended rear facing car seat?

Traditionally, it was only babies would rear face – as knowledge grew, seats became available to face beyond this age, and up to around 4 (~18kg). More and more seats are pushing the weight and height limit, up to 125cm and 25/36kg. The seat faces the child in the opposite direction to the forces, and, with the stability of the seat behind them, the trauma to the neck is typically massively reduced in the event of a crash.

How do I know what the best car seat is?

Talk to us! There is no ‘black and white’ answer. This depends on your child, you, your car and your wishes. We are here to help with this and can help in store, on the phone, by email or by using our contact form below. The best seat for one person may not be the best for the next person.

What’s a travel system?

It’s a combination of the chassis from the pram, stroller or pushchair along with the infant car seat. It allows you to initially “travel” in the car, take the chassis out the cars boot, and then attach the infant seat to the chassis to continue to ‘travel the baby’ seamlessly. Time limits of using an infant carrier are recommended though, as many will put the child out of a flat position – this varies from car seat to car seat.

Can I pay my pram up?

Yes, absolutely! We have an extremely flexible approach to this. We will take an order with minimal deposit in store and allow you to pay it up in amounts or frequency that are suitable to you. All that we ask, is that the item(s) is paid in full prior to it leaving us.

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