Introducing the BeSafe Beyond Modular Car Seat System

We are delighted to be able to give a greater level of information on the BeSafe Beyond modular car seat system, launching Summer 2024. The Beyond will allow you to have a solution from birth with the infant carrier, right through to the age of around 6 or 7 with the next stage attachment. Many consumers these days will recognise a perceived value in purchasing a modular solution from infant stage, but the Beyond also embraces the ever-growing Extended Rear-Facing car seat market with a unique solution and addition to that field in the next seat. At the time of launch, the Beyond and Beyond 360 will be the only rotating car seat with the capability to accommodate a child harnessed to 125cm (and 22kg weight capacity).

A little more about each component:

The Beyond isofix base:

The base will attach to your car using its isofix connections to give a firm and secure fit. Being constructed of EPP (a similar appearance to polystyrene, but extremely strong, robust and durable) and aluminium, it is extremely light weight. The base has ‘universal levelling technology’ built into it with a spirit level indicator that will tell you when the base is absolutely at the correct angle to accommodate the Beyond Go or Beyond (/360). The angle of tilt is adjusted by varying the length of the leg that runs from the base, down to the floor. This facility and function are unique to the BeSafe Beyond. As a result, the base may ‘float’ above your cars seat – this is absolutely ok and the seat is designed to do this.

Many isofix bases have a built in rebound (brace) bar built in, but few have a variable position – most that vary though are designed to adapt to the angle of the back of the cars seat. But, with the Beyond base, the purpose is to allow you to vary the amount of legroom available to your little one; a feature the increases the benefit as your child gets older and taller.

The Beyond isofix base has a rotating centre that will allow all of the seats attached to it to rotate to the side of the car to help with fitting your child to the seat, then to easily allow you to rotate the car seat back to the driving position.

The Go Beyond:

The BeSafe Go Beyond is the infant carrier in the modular system, and is what you’d use from birth. While the Go Beyond can be fitted with a seatbelt, you’ll get the best experience of its features by pairing it with the Beyond isofix base. The seat, again is

made predominantly from EPP, giving it a lightweight and durable performance. When using the infant carrier on the isofix base, you have the choice to use the ‘Active Lay Flat’ feature. This creates a greater recline in use, but in the event of an accident, it will automatically reposition itself to a 45 degree angle, where BeSafe have tested the seat to give the optimum protection in a crash scenario.

The Go Beyond is suitable from birth with a design, tested to cater for a child between 40 – 87cm, or to a weight limit of 13kg, and when using on the isofix base, can be rotated to the door to help check or fit the baby in the seat.

The infant seat also has receiving points for ‘universal’ car seat adaptors, meaning that it has the ability to fit most prams on the market in the UK. It also has an extremely deep hood that can be adjusted on either side to help protect their eyes from the sun.

The BeSafe Beyond / Beyond 360:

BeSafe are the first company to launch a commercial rotation car seat to allow a child of up to 125cm (or 22kg) to travel rear facing. As with the entire system, the Beyond is legislated under regulation R129, with the next stage, rear facing only option (Beyond) being Swedish Plus Tested (the Beyond 360 will rotate rear and forward facing, and because of the forward facing option, it does not qualify to be tested under the Swedish Plus Test conditions.)

The Beyond is tested to be used from 61cm (around 6 months), although we would thoroughly recommend that your little one can fully sit up for prolonged periods of time, unaided before they are ready to use this seat. Because the Beyond can take a child up to the height of 125cm (6/7 year old) in rear facing mode, the feature of the adjustable brace on the isofix base gives the ability to manoeuvre the base away from the back of the cars seat, giving extra legroom to the child to cater for their height as they grow.

The seat features varying recline positions, and the ability to rotate the seat to the car door to help with fitting; both of which are more beneficial for you during their ‘younger time’ in the seat, though having the pull strap to the side will help with tightening the harness at any age.

Both the Go Beyond and the Beyond feature BeSafe’s famous magnets in the shoulder pads, which everyone always loves when we show them a BeSafe seat in store.

Because the Beyond products are constructed differently to most other car seats on the market, BeSafe are happy to recommend a 15 year lifespan for all parts of the system. All components are purchasable individually, so it’s an option to bypass the infant stage, or buy each item in varying quantities.

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