Infant Carriers – Group 0 and Group 0 plus car seats

Choosing the right infant carrier (Group 0 Plus – from birth) is a daunting and hard choice. When it comes to being a new parent part of the joy should be when you know your newborn baby is safe in the correct car seat.

However, a lot of questions are asked at this stage by any parent.  What is the safest car seat for a newborn?  What infant carrier is right for my baby?

At Little Peas we have a wide range of choices to select from along with expert help and advice to help you make the right choice.

Infant carrier car seats are portable baby seats

They fit into your car in a rear-facing position. Please remember that not all car seats fit all make of cars and vehicles. At Little Peas we help to make sure yours are compatible and that you select the right car seat for your infant.


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