Axkid Modukid i-Size Infant Car Seat


Axkid Modukid Infant is the first i-Size baby car seat from Axkid and part of the Axkid Modukid Car Seat System. The innovative Axkid Modukid Infant is easy to install, the best safety, many fuctionalities and maximum comfort for your baby. When the baby car seat is outgrown, it’s time for the next car seat, the Axkid Modukid Seat. The same ISOFIX  compatible base can then also be used. The base has a moveable front base with six different positions that allow a compact installation. The unique ISOFIX connectors with four adjusting positions allow a more stable base for maximum saftey for your baby. When travelling, it is easy to take out the baby car seat from the car and attach it to your pram chassis to make it a travel system.



No two families are alike. But whether you’re a mum or a dad, a single parent, a grandparent, or a care giver, we all have things in common – we value our children and our time. When developing the Axkid Modukid Infant we had this in mind and thanks to its smooth and easy 2-step installation, you will have more time for things that matter.

Axkid Modukid Infant is approved for newborn, 40-75 cm and up to 13 kg and is one of the lightest baby car seats on the market with a weight of 3,7 kg. It is also a part of our car seat system and is best installed on the Axkid Modukid Base. When your child has outgrown the Axkid Modukid Infant you can still use the same base and simply change to our next seat, the Axkid Modukid Seat, suitable for children up to the approximate age of 4 years. Axkid Modukid Infant is also compatible with Axkid Life and 90% of all strollers on the market. With a simple click, you can attach or release the baby car seat and your child can continue sleeping. It is the ideal solution for families on the go who want maximum safety and comfort for their children.


• Part of car seat system for 0-4 years

• One of the lightest i-Size baby car seat

• Smooth and quick 2-step installation

• Correct installation with safety indicators

• Maximized safety headrest cushions

• Delivered with 3 different removable insert cushions

• Compact installation allows more space in the car

• Fits in both small and big cars

• Ventilation system for maximum comfort

• Axkid Side Impact Protection for extra protection

• Compatible with 90% of all strollers on the market

• For your growing child 3 adjusting position of the harness



• UN R129/i-Size approved

• Approved from 40-75 cm and up to 13 kg

• Rear-facing baby car seat

• Weight Axkid Modukid Infant: 3,7 kg

• Weight Axkid Modukid Base: 7 kg

• Measurements: W43 x H54 x D65 cm

• ISOFIX with Axkid Modukid Base

• Approved for belt attachment without Axkid Modukid Base

• ISOFIX Connectors with 4 adjusting position

• Axkid Side Impact Protection

• Ventilation system

• 3 adjusting positions for the headrest and harness

• Three-point harness

• Safety indicators

• Wash covers in 30 degrees

• Available colours: Grey, Black

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Black, Grey